Our Grandmothers Know Best: Traditional Remedy for Asthma, Bronchitis and Cough


The combination of honey and onions may at first seem unbearable, but the same is famous as an exclusively effective natural remedy against cough,asthma and bronchitis.

The advantage of these curable ingredients is that you can have them in any season of the year, and it is much likely that you will always have them by hand, in your kitchen. Also, when you prepare this remedy you’ll know that it is 100% natural, which can not be said for those that you buy in a pharmacy, which usually contain preservatives and artificial colors and aromas.


Ingredients needed:

1 bulb of onion

2-3 tablespoons of honey

How to prepare:

Choose a healthy bulb of onion with a middle size. Clean it, then chop it with a sharp knife, put it in a deep bowl and pour honey over it.

Cover the bowl with a plate and let it stay in a normal room temperature over the night. Filter it the next morning, and that would be enough quantity for one day.

Take one teaspoon of the syrup in every two hours, or more often. The effects from this remedy, such as normal breathing, you will feel them very soon and you will start to spit very soon.


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