Parts of Food that We Throw, and They are Actually Very Healthy!!!

Parts of Food that We Throw, and They are Actually Very Healthy!!!

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Do you throw actually the best parts of groceries out of habit, completely unaware of their health benefits? The leaves, stems or bark of some plants sometimes are the healthiest parts.

Bark of garlic

Peel onions and garlic is rich in Quercetin , a strong antioxidant plant flavoring , antihistamine and anti-inflammatory effects . Add it while cooking stews or soups – just remove it before serving .

Bark of melons

Bark melon is rich in citronella , an amino acid that stimulates circulation and dilates blood vessels . Mix in a blender with melon pulp and enjoy a healthy smoothie.

The leaves of broccoli

The leaves of broccoli contain carotids – powerful plant pigment which the body converts into vitamin A and helps in preventing cancer . Just cook along with broccoli .

orange zest

The leaves of celery

The leaves have five times more calcium and magnesium than the stems . It also contains vitamin C and phenolic – powerful antioxidants that help fight cancer , heart disease and aging . Simply use them like celery stalks and add to soups , salads or sauces .

Orange zest

Orange is full of vitamin C and natural means to boost immunity , but peel itself contains plenty of fiber and vitamins . So add it when mixing a smoothie .

The stems of broccoli / cauliflower

Probably like everyone else doing a mistake and throw the stem . But the stalks have a delicious sweet taste and actually more fiber than the head . She needs a little more time to cook , and cook before the rest of the vegetables .

Bark of kiwis

Hairy peel kiwi contains three times more antioxidants than the pulp and has anti-cancer and anti-allergic properties . Add the peel to the pulp in the juicer and mix.

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