Pear And Ginger Drink – An Incredible Detoxicator



In this article you will learn how to prepare a drink of pear and ginger that will make your immune system stronger and detoxify your organism.

You have probably already heard of the health advantages of the ginger, but this time you can try them in combination with the sweet pear. Because it is ideal time in the year for fresh pears, you can prepare this drink whenever you want.

The medical researches have shown that this combination helps in cleaning and strengthening of the body. The sweet and juicy pears are a great source of nutritive fibers that have good influence on the cardiovascular and digestive system.


3 peeled pears

2 thin pieces of ginger

½ cucumber

½ peeled lemon

How it’s done

Put all the ingredients in a juicer and mix them well.

If you want clearer drink you can filter the mixture and the drink is ready to be taken.

This drink is ideal for detoxification and fat burning.

Take it before or after a meal, but not as a substitution for the meal.

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