Peppermint Against Nervous Stomach And Migraine


The peppermint is one of the most known herbs. It belongs to weeds, but it is totally safe for usage and is a really good ingredient for calming different health troubles, and it has a nice smell and taste.

peppermint-against migraine

It cures cramps, stomach nervousness, allergies. The peppermint tea is used as an ingredient for calming down the symptoms of bad digestion: cramps, flatulence, stomach nervousness, irritated intestines, vomit. It can loosen up the menstrual toughness, help in mucous inflammation of the mouth, and as an inhalator influences the respiratory paths and is often recommended for insomnia. Menthol layers are used for tired and red eyes. It can also be used for appetite improvement. After a cup of menthol tea, the feeling of hunger goes away, but the then the appetite rises. Because of that it is recommended to the people that want to improve the mass weight to drink a cup of menthol tea half an hour before the meal.

The peppermint has always been used for curing colds, which is very successful, but it is also very effective for calming and strengthening the nerves. In combination with rosemary and taraxacum, it improves the psychic consistency and cures emotional instability.

The tea is prepared by mixing the same amount of these three herbs and one tablespoon of the mixture is mixed with one cup of boiled water and left to stay for 10 minutes. Drink three cups a day, before the meal.

For problems with digestive organs, make a tea of menthol and chamomile in the same amount. Three tablespoons are mixed and poured with 1/2l boiled water and left for 2 hours. This drink can be taken by children also.

Against insomnia: take 60g of hop herb, 20g peppermint, and 20g of lemon balm mint. Take three teaspoons of the mixture and pour 1/2l of boiled water over it. Cover it and after two hours take sip by sip. Before going to sleep you can drink tea of peppermint and valerian.

Against migraine: 5 drops of aetheral peppermint oil on a sugar cube. This is effective against migraine, headaches and dizziness.

The peppermint, besides as a cure, is also used as a spice for different food.

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