Plant From Which Woman Breast Naturally Grow Like “Crazy”


Every woman’s dream is to find a drug that will make her breast look bigger and waist thinner.

Fenugreek is precisely this miraculous herb that helps in the reconstruction of the entire organism.


The seed that naturally enhances the breasts and reduces weight! Although it sounds incredible, fenugreek may enhance women’s breasts because it contains phytoestrogens that affect the growth of the breast and the water retention in the tissue.

Besides the beauty, it is good for women who are breastfeeding because it stimulates milk production, soothes baby, supplies iron and helps babies to gain weight.

This miraculous seed also reduces the discomfort of PMS. Because of the effect on the uterus consume it a few days before giving birth, because it stimulates contractions and facilitates the very act of giving birth.

Besides helping women, it is also good for men because of the diosgenin in its composition. Diosgenin strengthens the sexual power and heals many gender problems. The prophet Muhammad sid this for a small seed of fenugreek: “If you know the value of this plant, you would value it as gold”. This is one of the oldest medicinal plants dating back to the ancient Egyptians and Hippocrates. Fenugreek can be placed with the natural wonders of the ancient times, when it was extremely praised.

On treatment and diet is used the seed, which is an inevitable ingredient of the curry and other spice mixes very popular in India and the Middle East. This miraculous seed is used for allergies, high blood pressure, blood sugar regulation, expelling mucus from the lungs an sinuses, stimulating metabolism and so on… But, the taste of this plant is extremely harsh, so you have to get used to it.

RECIPE: Put two teaspoons of the seed in 2dl of cold water. Cook them, let them stay for 20 minutes with occasional stirring. Drink slowly, in small sips.

The seeds can be cooked to a pulp or ground into powder (ground into powder is more effective). take half a teaspoon twice a day to improve digestion. If used as a laxative, half to one teaspoon of fresh ground seed dilute in 2.5 dl of water and drink once or not more than three times a day.

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