PRESS A FINGER – Your Tooth Does Not Hurt Anymore And What Happens When You PRESS YOUR OTHER FINGERS!


The Japanese doctor Yin Shin Yutzu practices ancient alternative medicine, which uses the pressure on certain fingers…


Using these advices can help you get rid of pain, insomnia or some mental blockages.

Thumb – putting pressure on the thumb can help you get rid of stomach problems and any kind of inconveniences in the abdomen area. This way you lower the anxiety, depression, sadness and sorrow.

Index finger – if you have problems with the bladder or kidneys, press the index finger. This way you will get rid of cramps in your body, pain in your back and digestion problems.

Middle finger – if you have problems with your liver or nerves, tightly press the middle finger and keep it that way for a certain time. You will get rid of the stress and insecurity. You will improve the function of the cardio-vascular system, menstrual pain, sight problems and headache.

Ring finger – to help the lungs and the digestive tract, breathing problems and stress.

Baby finger – get rid of the nervousness, anxiousness, panic, loneliness, pain in your throat, flatulence and bones problems.


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