Propolis Destroys Candida Albicans In 8 Seconds


It has been proven in laboratory conditions that refined propolis destroys candida albicans in 8 seconds.

It is recommended to take vitamin C at least 3 times a day always in combination with lyophilized royal jelly for treating fungus infection. Regular consummation of garlic, vitamins from B group as well as essential fat acids from not heated flax seed oil are also recommended.

propolis against candida

Regular consummation of freshly made juices of vegetables before every meal also helps. You should exclude the carbohydrates and fermented sodas from your food. The food should suite the blood type. Women, in order to protect themselves from fungus infections, besides keeping hygiene on high level, they should avoid stress and wear cotton underwear, and avoid tight clothes.

Fresh juices against neurosis, neuralgia and candida:

-Ingredients: 280gr carrots, 170g spinach. Squeeze the vegetable. Drink one cup three times a day bfore every meal.

-mixture of 255gr carrots and 200gr celery juice. Drink one cup three times a day before every meal.

-mixture of 200g carrots juice, 110 celery juic, 60gr parsley juice and 90gr spinach juice. Drink one cup three times a day before every meal.


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