Put Ice on This Point, and There Will Be a Complete Change in Your Body


According to Chinese medicine, the human body is an energy system whose functionality can be affected by acupuncture and massage.


These two methods can influence the energy flow and the function of most body organs. This method involves appliance of ice cubes at certain points on your neck which can boost your energy and maintain a good mood with a healthy body.

This specific point is located between the tendons on your neck, around the base of the skull, below the bottom ridge of the skull cap at the top of the neck. In the ancient Chinese medicine this point is known as Feng Fu or refuge of wind. This can have positive effects on your general well being


-Lie or sit on your stomach
-Apply one ice cube on this point and hold it in position for twenty minutes. -Preferably, secure the ice cube with a bandage, scarf or band aid.
-At first, you will feel cool. Then, after 30-40 seconds you will start feeling heat at this point.
-Repeat this regularly, two times a day, in the morning and before sleeping.

Source: thehealthycentral.com

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