Put This Under Your Tongue Tonight and You Will Feel Amazing in the Morning!


They may be unhealthy for consummation in higher amounts, but this recipe will use the anti- stress properties of sugar and salt due to the increased level of serotonin, and thus it will improve immunity, heal headaches and insomnia.put-this-under-your-tongue-tonight-and-you-will-feel-amazing-in-the-morningw2


The glucose contained in the sugar is a very valuable addition of energy for the cells. Salt contains Natrium which assists in normal cell breathing and improves the energy generation. These two ingredients are extremely beneficial in the fight against stress, since it causes imbalance in the metabolism and makes you unable to relax through the night.


-5 teaspoons of brown sugar
-1 teaspoon of sea salt
-Combine salt and sugar, and mix them well. Their ratio should always be 1:5. Keep the mixture in some clean glass jar.


A little of the mixture is applied below the tongue before sleeping. It will melt very soon.

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