Quinoa: The Healthiest Food on the Planet!?

Quinoa: The Healthiest Food on the Planet!?

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Quinoa is one of the healthiest foods of all time! Learn more about it!

Although it began to be grown even three thousand years ago in the area of ​​the Andes, quinoa is a food that will only now experience the their five minutes of fame.Interestingly, quinoa is considered one of the healthiest foods of all time, and passed, 2013 is declared the International Year of quinoa.

Quinoa is food that is cooked and consumed as cereal. However, it is not grain, but is more akin spinach, Swiss chard and beet.

Actually you can eat the seeds, that is cooked like rice and non gluten.

This food is particularly healthy, specifically contains all nine essential amino acids, unlike other grains that contain no more than three, so it is called a complete protein source.It is interesting to say that contains more calcium than milk and more protein than meat.


Bolivian farmers claim   that they are never sick because consuming Quinoa of which make bread, alcoholic beverage that “restores power”, soups and cakes. The grain of this plant contains 12 percent protein, five percent fat, 63 percent carbohydrates. It also contains valuable vitamins, among which are especially important B 1, B 2 and E. The diverse mineral composition, where the most striking iron and phosphorus, quinoa is considered a super food.

More than most commercial species are white, red and black quinoa.

Although considered to be a granular food  ,that comes from grass, quinoa belongs to the botanical family of spinach.Bowl of cooked quinoa provides about  160 calories originating from carbohydrates and high quality protein, rich in valuable ingredients lysine and methionine.It is interesting that includes albumin-protein that is primarily obtained from egg whites.

Cooking quinoa takes far less time than for other cereals.For cooking is necessary a 15 minutes,but it is important to wash it to remove the saponins, which are located in the outer membrane.It can be eaten cold or hot and is good to combine with vegetables in a salad or as a test of the soup.

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