Recipe For a Drink That is a Volcano For Energy Boost


The food that has high quantities of vitamins and minerals is often called super-food. This is a recipe for a drink that is a volcano for energy boost. You will be convinced by the great taste.



2 apples

1 little broccoli

1 bundle of spinach

¼ of fresh cucumber

¼ lemon

1 little ginger

Ice cubes


After all the ingredients are well washed, put them in a juicer. Put the apples first (peeled), then the spinach, lemon, ginger, broccoli and the cucumber.

Squeeze it well. Put the juice in a glass with ice cubes, or mix the juice and the ice cubes with a blender.

Take this drink when you feel you have lack of energy, when you feel melancholic or simply when you want to awake.

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