Recipe For Strongest Fat Burning In The Abdomen


This drink eliminates excessive fat and water from the body, improves the function of the brain, improves memory, hearing and vision.


The main ingredients of this recipe are fresh horseradish, organic lemons unpeeled, and honey. It has already been a lot said about lemons and honey, so we will now, before prescription briefly refer to horseradish.

Horseradish root is commonly used in diet, but the young leaves of the plant are also extremely tasty and slightly spicy. Due to its composition (potassium, vitamin C, Vitamin B1, iron calcium, vitamin B2, magnesium, phosphorus)…the horseradish is remarkable as a medicament besides as a gourmet.

It is an indispensable supplement to other dishes, especially with fatty foods because it helps them to be digested easily. The horseradish cleans the body, increases metabolism, reduces fatigue, and is most recommended for diabetics. It encourages the reproduction and development of beneficial bacteria in the intestines.

The fresh root can be used all year round if buried in moist sand or kept in the basement. If you have a larger root, you can grate the required amount, and the wrap the rest of it in aluminum foil and keep in the refrigerator in the vegetable box.

If you want to keep the grated horseradish fresh after three weeks, mix it with a teaspoon of sugar and 4 tablespoon of lemon juice or vinegar. In tightly closed jars, the horseradish can stay in the refrigerator for up to 3 weeks.

Recipe of the drink for weight loss

-125g horseradish

-3 lemons (previously kept in a little amount of water and vinegar for 10 minutes to wash away the pesticides from it)

-3 tablespoons of honey


Mix the 125gof the horseradish in a blender. Take three lemons, cut them and remove the seeds, then mix them unpeeled with the horseradish in the blender. Add three tablespoons of honey in it and mix well.

Keep this drink in a sealed jar in the fridge. Take one small spoonful of it twice a day with meals. Take this salve for 3 weeks and watch as your waist decreases.


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