Refreshing Drink To Melt Fat!


When the hot days come, all we want is good refreshment. You’ve been drinking lemonade till now, but here’s the new refreshing hit taste with cucumber.

Besides making you feel fresh at instant, this drink has a lot of positive properties, and is also a great companion in the fight against cellulite and excessive fat.

It is known that the water has 0 calories, while one cucumber has 50 calories average, which makes this drink a better option than any other juice from the store or an aromatic water that contains sugar, artificial sweeteners or additives.

The cucumber – water will help you reduce the feeling of hungry that will automatically help you in the fight against excessive fat.

Also, this great drink has a lot of positive effects on the skin because it is full with antioxidants and vitamins, especially A and D.


To prepare this drink you will need:

1 fresh cucumber

2l water

A jug

Wash the cucumber thoroughly, peel it and cut it in thin slices. Put water in the jug and add the cucumber. Leave it to stay a couple of hours before you use it. If you want you can add lemon or lime, or some other similar ingredient by wish.

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