Remove The Abdominal Pads Fast


-The fat cushions around the waist abdomen and sides are a problem that affects may women


The fat cushions around the waist abdomen and sides are a problem that affects may women. Melting the excessive fat in the body is not an easy task at all and it requires moderate range procedures. Here’s what you should do:

  1. Don’t skip the breakfast

Regular and healthy meals are required for normal metabolism and slim body. Don’t forget to start the day with a healthy breakfast: oatmeal, fruit, integral toast, eggs, yoghurt….because these foods will boost the metabolism and the fat burning in the body. Skipping meals causes storage of inventory in the form of fat.

  1. Limit the input of processed food

Avoid industrially processed food like crunchy snacks, chips, sweets, canned food and other foods that contain trans-fats. It is the worst kind of fat whose consummation causes gaining weight or increasing the “tire” around the stomach.

Instead of it, eat 5 servings a day of fresh fruit and vegetables, healthy proteins (domestic chicken, turkey and fish rich in omega 3 fatty acids)

  1. Enlarge the intake of water

Regular alcohol consumption causes imbalance in blood sugar which manifests with storage reserves in the abdomen. Limit the intake of alcohol, and choose less sweet varieties, like red wine.

Drink 3-4 liters or plain water. Be hydrated always.

  1. Take a good night sleep

The 8 hour rule for night rest isn’t there for no reason. Try to have a quality rest every night, because the lack of sleep will be compensated with unhealthy food and other artificial “alarms”.

Irregular sleep causes cortical secretion that affects the appetite by increasing it, so try to make the vody get used to go to sleep every night in the same time.

  1. Exercise

Experts advise that you should exercise your favorite sport or a physical activity at least three times a week. For best results, do exercises that are designed to burn fat in the abdomen: turning “hula-hoop”, pilates exercises with ball, push ups and squats.

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