Research Shows This One Plant Kills Cancer And Stops Diabetes


Dr. Frank Shallenberger succeeded to find natural substances which impeded the peculiar metabolism of cancer cells. Some of his discoveries are green tea, resveratrol, Seanol, and others.


Moreover, his latest research discovered a fruit effective in killing pancreatic cancer cells, known as “bitter melon”. This amazing fruit is very popular in Okinawa, Japan.

When diluted to 5% in water, this incredible fruit has shown to be highly efficient in impairing pancreatic cancer cell lines.

According to experts, bitter melon juice lowered the activity of two cancer cell lines by 90%, whereas succeeded to destroy the remaining two lines at a 98% rate.

However, it was questionable if these effects will have the same results in animals and people.  Luckily, the answer is positive.

Apparently, University of Colorado researchers applied bitter melon doses to mice and discovered an amazing result. The size of a pancreatic tumor was reduced by 64% without having any side effect.

The dose for an average sized person was the same, which is as six grams of powder.

Moreover, this amazing fruit is highly beneficial for diabetics too. Since it affects glucose metabolism, it helps in improving metabolic problems, according to researchers.

However, if you want to get the best possible results in fighting against these difficult diseases, you should first consult a doctor about combining this superb fruit with other cancer or diabetes treatments.

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