Salt Water Layers – 5 Minutes And Say bye-bye To The Headache And Swollen Legs


If you have severe headache use this simple method and be sure – you will feel better!

This simple saline, not only it will relieve you from headache, it will also normalize the blood pressure and eliminate the swelling in the legs – in no time.


So, if you have strong, unbearable pain in your head – immediately prepare this

Solution for headache – recipe:

First of all, prepare a lining of gauze or thin cotton cloth.

Bend the gauze in 8 layers and make the width to suit your forehead, or a sufficient length to cover the head.

Then, heat 250ml of water on 60-70 degrees and dissolve 2 even teaspoons of sea salt in it.

This way you get 8% saline solution.

Wash your forehead, ears and neck with warm water.

Soak the gauze in the saline, squeeze it slightly, shake it a little so it cools off, and wrap it on your forehead, ears and neck.

You can put cotton head scarf to fix the coating.

Then, lay on the bed.

In just a few minutes you will feel relief, but take your time and don’t remove the coating immediately. Stay in your bed for another 20 minutes.

After removing the lining, wash your forehead, neck and ears again with warm water.

How does it work?

This may confuse you/ the intake of salt in the body causes swelling and high blood pressure, but the salt solution on the skin has the opposite effect: the skin stimulates the excretion of fluids from the body, i.e. works as a diuretic.

You can get rid of swollen legs in a similar way

Saline solution for swollen feet

To prevent swelling of the feet, use saline solution as follows:

Dissolve 500gr of sea salt in 5l of cold water.

Soak a towel in the solution, squeeze it slightly and place it on the lumbar part of the back, for 20 minutes.

Repeat this procedure 10 days, every night before going to bed.

The swellings will decrease due to the increased urination, which starts almost right after the first procedure.

You can also use the saline layers on your feet in a different way: soak a cloth in a warm saline solution, squeeze it and wrap your legs in it.

Cover your feet with a warm blanket and leave it to stay for 20 minutes.

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