Scientists Advise To Use This Fruit Often – The Reason Will Amaze You


The wild pear (Mespilus Germanica) or medlar, is grown for millennia in Europe, often grafted on quince and pear and is born the same year.

Scientists Advise To Use This Fruit Often - The Reason Will Amaze You

A  tree can grow up to 7m and is flourishing at the end of April. The delicious fruits are harvested in the fall, and sometimes after the first frosts. Freshly picked, medlar is hard an brittle, so it should stay a fer weeks to mature and become completely soft. As for the other parts of the plant, the flower and leaf is used also, which are harvested in the spring. It is dried in the air, when being removed from the tree in the spring or fall.

You can make jam, liqueur, brandy, and those who know the folk medicine well claim it is good to improve the vision, strengthen the liver and kidneys, improves blood health, eliminate pain in back and knees. It is also recommended for dizziness, diarrhea, infections of the oral cavity, impotence.

Given the fact that the immature fruit medlar tightens the mucous membrane, it can stop bleeding from the gums and prevent the occurrence of canker sores in the mouth. It also encourages the work of the salivary glands and stomach, which is particularly recommended for the elderly.

The medlar contains many drug substances, tannins, vitamin C, pectin, raisin, apple, citric  and tartaric acid….and the seeds from this plant are very healthy. They are to be kept in water until they swell, in which time they release the curing ingredients. This water is used for coating injuries.

Two cups of tea a day

It is made of tablespoons chopped fresh medlar and 2dl of water. The fruits are dipped in hot water, covered, leave to stay for one hour and then filtered. Drink two cups of the tea during the day, and wash the oral cavity several times a day.


The soft medlar should be washed and put into chunks. Then put them in a pot, cover it with waterto wallow and simmer for three hours on low temperature. Then strain them through a thick cloth and hang overnight above the pot so that all the juice runs through. Don’t press the contents so that the jam remains clear.

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