See How Your Sleeping Position Affects on Your Health!


It is commonly known that we spend 1/3 of our lives in sleeping, so because of that a logic conclusion is that sleeping and the position we take while sleeping has a great influence on our health. It is very important to have a quality time of sleeping and dreaming.

Sleeping on your back with your hands next to your body

This position is known to be the best and is most suitable for the health of the pelvis and neck vertebrae, unless you sleep on high pillows. People who sleep on their back have snoring problems more than the people who sleep in other position. Unfortunately snoring is tightly connected to sleeping on your back.


Sleeping on your back with your hands above your head

This position is called “sea star” and is also known to be a healthy position whether it is on a pillow or not. Sleeping on your back helps in preventing acne and dry skin. But, the same as the sleeping on your back with your hands next to your body, this position can cause snoring problems.  The position with your hands above your head can cause pressure on the nerves in the shoulders, which can cause dull pain.

Sleeping on your stomach

The position of sleeping on your belly has a positive influence on the digestion. This position leads to constantly breathing in the pillow so it causes a constant movement of the head on different sides. Sleeping on your stomach can cause back pain because of the distortion and the low support of the pelvis.

Fetus position

Sleeping in fetus position with your knees bend is very comfortable for the pelvis and the neck. But, the fetus position can restraint the deep breathing. This position is suitable for pregnant women and for people that snore. People who sleep in this position are said to be sleeping like babies.

Sleeping on your hip with your hands next to your body

While sleeping in this position you give your body a good support for the pelvis. This position lowers the back pain and the pain in the neck. It also lowers the snoring. This position can also cause fast old growing of the skin and acne problems. It can make women’s breasts sloping.

Sleeping on your hip with your hand stretched forward

This position has its advantages, but it can also cause pain in the shoulders and hands, also it can cause pressure on the nerves and blood circulation.

Sleeping on right or left side

If sleeping on your hip is your favorite position it can make a big difference. Sleeping on the right side can deteriorate the heart, while sleeping on the left side can cause blockage of the intern organs, such as liver, lungs and stomach. It is recommended for pregnant women to sleep in the left side in order to improve the circulation of the fetus.

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