She Drank A Glass Of Cherry Tomato Juice Daily For 8 Weeks, And She Lost 2,5 cm Around The Waist



Daily glass of cherry tomato juice could be the key to lose weight!

A recent study found that a glass of cherry tomato juice a day helps to dissolve fat around the waist. So you don’t need to bring any other changes in lifestyle or diet.

The study was conducted at the China Medical University, and was shown that, women who drank a glass of cherry tomato juice a day, for eight weeks lost 2.5 centimeters around the waist. In addition, the level of cholesterol is lowered by 10 percent.

The study included 25 healthy women aged between 20 and 30 years.

Nutritionist, Azmin Govindi, said that tomato juice can play a key role to weight control.

Although, some experts are skeptical of this study because they didn’t consider the control group which don’t consumed cherry tomato juice.  Previous studies have shown that cherry tomatoes contain nutrients that reduce the risk of cancer, heart disease and depression.

They are a particularly good source of lycopene, an antioxidant that gives them their red color.

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