She Drank Carrot Juice For 8 Months And Cured This Illness!


Our desire for life will make us try many things in which believe or don’t. The author of children’s books, Ann Cameron, was ill of colon cancer. She was in the third phase of the illness when she made an operation and felt better, so she refused chemotherapy.


But, unfortunately, after a while when she made tests she discovered that the disease started to spread to her lungs. Ann felt guilty for the condition in which was, so she started to look for an alternative medicine through the internet forums. She found a boy who cured skin cancer with everyday consummation 2,5 l of carrot juice.

She started to drink this drink and after 4 months the cancer cells stopped to develop, and the inflammations on the body and skin lowered down. She continued to drink the juice, and after 8 months, when she made tests, the doctors were shocked – the results were astonishing, all the cancer cells were gone after only 8 months of carrot juice therapy.

She shared this experience in her book and recommends it to everybody, but she warns to first consult a doctor before you try using it.

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