Should We Go To Sleep Hungry If We’re Trying To Lose Weight?


Going to sleep hungry is a diet myth that we’re all come across at least once in our lifetime. The Australian nutritionist has revealed if you can eat before going to sleep and which food you should avoid if you want to lose weight.


Our organism does several things while we sleep: generates and reproduces cells, digests food and many other biological activities necessary for living. All these processes need energy that our organism takes from the food we’re taken that day and night.

Nutritionists suggest taking proteins and fat before going to sleep, because these ingredients provide better night rest.”

“If you have taken food rich with empty calories, like chocolate or ice cream, the sugar level will grow fast and the energy taken will automatically turn into fat” – says the Australian guru of healthy life, Dr Tim Robards.

For a better rest it is best if you don’t eat a couple of hours before going to sleep, so that the digestion doesn’t bother you during sleep. But, if you do eat before going to bed, it is best if you choose food with low sugar level and carbohydrates.

“For a better night sleep it would be better if you eat proteins and fat that all our body cells are contained of – organic meat is approved, eggs, fruit like avocado and the butter too. Eat whole and unprocessed food that digests slowly and releases nutritive materials.” – says Dr Robards.


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