Spirulina: The Only Balance You Need In Your Body


From yoga classes, spiritual guide, regular diet, and work from home. All our lives we strive to achieve goals in our lives to keep our balance. But we need this same balance in our bodies.


All phenomena appearing in our body, from acne to heart attack can be caused by a single cause – disruption of balance, or pH.

For those who slept on the chemistry classes: pH is a measure of activism hydrogen ions in solution, and thus to determine whether the environment is acid or base. Ideally, the pH value should be 7.

The establishment of this balance on the skin, and cells in the organism in general is necessary to prevent occurrence of the disease, inflammation and like.

You can easily notice when the pH is imbalanced in your body:

-When you are constantly tired

-When you run out of breath easily

-When you yawn often

-When you have muscle pain

Establishment of green rows:

Spirulina San Sebastian is algae with more than 100 nutrients and is declared a super food. Spirulina contains 60% protein, 13% of the essential minerals such as calcium, sodium, phosphorus, magnesium, zinc and iron, as well as the whole group of vitamins and antioxidants.

The ideal way to keep the pH in the body is to consume Spirulina San Sebastian. Nowadays people take many products with high acidity, starting with drinks, meat, cheese, eggs and meat products. For that reason, the body becomes acidic (pH<7). Many medical studies who that the rich composition of spirulina helps control the base environment of the body and reduces the risk of various diseases.

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