Spot on Your Body That Releases From Headache

Spot on Your Body That Releases From Headache

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Stress is an everyday occurrence that happens to most of us. Besides the nervousness, stress has numerous physical symptoms like headaches, lack of energy, fall of immunity, even problems with the digestive system.

The Chinese method for curing, known as acupressure, explains that there are certain anti-stress spots on the human body, that, with appropriate stimulation our body begins to relax and the stress and tension go away.


Headache, digestion problems, insomnia and nervousness are just few of the situations that can be solved in a couple of minutes by pressing only one spot. That spot is called Shen Men and it’s located on the upper side of the ear shell. It is activated by gently rubbing. Its name in translation means “door to heaven”, and by pressing it the stress and pain go away, the energy is enhanced and the immunity is boosted.

Instructions for the Shen Men rub-down, that relaxes your body and spirit:

  1. Press the spot in the ear with an ear-twig and rub it gently
  2. Breathe slowly and deep, try to listen to your inhale and exhale
  3. While inhaling, keep your look on the left side, while exhaling keep it on the right side without moving your head
  4. You will feel how your body relaxes and the symptoms of stress are reduced


You can rub this spot with your fingers also.

Rub it every time you feel you’re under stress.

You can do this every day before going to sleep.

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