Symptoms For Stroke At Women!


Most often, strokes happen around 65th year of age or later but, still 10% of strokes happen to those who have just entered in their 45th year and more frequently it happens to women than men.


Only in America annually more than 100,000 women under age of 65 suffer stroke. There are several rasons why women are more at risk than men.

Despite the risk factors common to both sexes such as smoking, high cholesterol, hypertension and diabetes, some factors are present only at women.

One of those factors is pregnancy, due to hormonal changes. Oral contraceptives create increased risk of stroke and women who have migraine with aura also have increased risk. All these factors together have cumulative effect of the increased strokes among women. The most common form, ischemic stroke which, occurs in 80% of the cases, occurs when the clot prevents sufficient amounts of blood and oxygen to reach the brain. Despite living a healthy lifestyle, the best defense is to pay attention to the early symptoms and see a doctor.

1.You’ve lost parts of your vision – Vision problems occur on one side. But, instead of losing the sight in one eye, it is likely that you will lost the same field of vision in your both eyes. For example, with your both eyes you would not be able to watch on your left side. Your eyeball and optic nerve are fine but, where the information s processed soon there might be damage.

2.You feel weakness on one side of your body – symptom for stroke is sudden loss of strength especially in arms or legs. Also, one side of your face could hang.

3.Serious headaches – at hemorrhagic strokes are occurring severe headaches that are happening when a blood vessel is blocked by a clot or it bursts. Strokes with bleeding are less frequent than ischemic strokes but in around 10 to 15% of cases have high rate of mortality.

4.You have problems with your speech – This symptom can occur in several forms. Sometimes speech is becoming fluent but you have difficulty n pronouncing a word. Also, you may have difficulty understanding what other people speak. We all have moments when we cannot remember a word or cannot properly say it. If you know yourself enough, you will know if that is just a moment or it is happening with certain words.

You can experience only few but not all of these previous mentioned symptoms. The appearance of some of these mean that you necessarily need to visit hospital.

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