The Best Drink Ever! For Diet, Detoxification and Improving Metabolism: Delicious and With 0 Calories!


Here’s one great recipe, which not that is cheap, it’s delicious and has no calories, has 3 medical effects: cleans the organism from poisons, improves metabolism and helps in weight loss.

Besides the apple, the main ingredient is cinnamon.

The antioxidants from the cinnamon stabilize the blood sugar level and lower the hunger for carbohydrates, without boosting the insulin production, which is a great factor in losing weight.


The regular boos of insulin production facilitates the fat to be deposited in our body. With the use of cinnamon, as the experts claim, the production of insulin will be under control, which will provide a great burning of the fat deposit.

Research has shown that by using only half of teaspoon of cinnamon a day you can lower the quantity of the bad cholesterol. The cinnamon also helps in bad metabolism which leads to lowering the triglycerides.

Water with apple and cinnamon: 0 calories!


1 apple

1 teaspoon of cinnamon or one stick of cinnamon

1-5l or 2l of boiled water

How it’s done:

Cut the apple in pieces, add the cinnamon and pour the boiled water over it – but the water should be cold when you add it to the other ingredients!

Let it stay for a couple of hours (1-2)

You can drink it during the day whenever you want.

The combination of apple and cinnamon regulates the metabolism and effectively lowers the weight by eliminating the excess of liquids in your organism.

Try it first thing in the morning!

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