The Biggest Secret In The World Revealed: The Coca Cola Recipe!

The Biggest Secret In The World Revealed: The Coca Cola Recipe!

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Coca Cola is the most popular soda on Earth, and nowadays, there is not anyone who hasn’t tried it.

Even though many are looking for the recipe of this drink, they don’t know that it is given out in 1993.

Believe it or not, they put nutmeg, coriander, vanilla and cinnamon in Coca Cola and the rest of the ingredients were told to the audience by the researcher Mark Pendergrast when he published his book of the history of Coca Cola.


He claims that he encountered the recipe quite accidentally, while checking out the archives of Coca Cola in Atlanta.

Even though the recipe is now approachable, it is very hard to make it at home in your kitchen.

Look at the ingredients:

-Caffeine citrate

-Vanilla extract

-Aromas 2,5 ml (details below)

-FE Coco derivative

-Citric acid

-Lemon juice




For the aroma you will need 80 drops of orange juice, 120 drops of lemon juice, 40 drops of nutmeg juice, 40 drops of cinnamon juice, 20 drops of coriander liquid and a liter of alcohol (keep this mixture for 24 hours). The alcohol is used to take out the taste.

The quantity of the caffeine in the original juice was twice the bigger than nowadays, and derived from the nut of bitter cola in combination with phosphoric components. Today citric acid is added to take out the taste.

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