The Dangerous Side Of The Antibiotics That No One Will Tell You


Almost all modern medicine is based on using antibiotics. They are used for operations, diseases and infections. But there is a disadvantage of antibiotics. Bacteria increasingly become immune to the drugs designed to kill them. Some antibiotics imply don’t work any longer, and some will stop functioning soon.

The Dangerous Side Of The Antibiotics That No One Will Tell You43

Unfortunately, we respond slowly to this problem. A new report warns us that unless something is done soon, new infections can be treated with antibiotics to kill extra 10 million people a year by 2050.

Governments around the world start with the introduction of new programs to encourage and reward the creation of new drugs faster and reduce the excessive use of antibiotics. Unfortunately, it is not enough.

The resistance of the bacteria to antibiotics is a natural phenomenon. The more often we use it, the more we enable mutating of the bacteria that multiply. For some patients, it would be a difficult recovery. The procedures that are necessary will become more dangerous. It is almost inconceivable how the world would look without antibiotics.

“It is unconceivable.” -Professor Kevin Auterson From Boston University Law. “If you have a 5% chance of contracting an infection that has a 40% chance of death, would you like to accept the operation that your life doesn’t depend on?”

However, we continue to use antibiotics too much and in a wrong way, thus making them useless.

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