The Effect of Beta-Carotene in the Body! ( Video )

The Effect of Beta-Carotene in the Body! ( Video )

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Many people are not even aware of how important is plant pigment beta-carotene, and it is believed that the modern diet does not provide the required amount of these beneficial substances. Effect of beta carotene on the human body is multifaceted.

The best-known benefits of beta carotene are certainly its positive effect on the skin as well as a beneficial effect on the mucous membrane. The skin is our largest organ, and protects the body from harmful external influences. Mucous membranes, also has the same function

Skin and mucous membranes, achieve their function, must be held to their health. In order not to dehydrate it needs vitamin A, which is best taken in the form of beta carotene, an antioxidant that, which, among other things, protects the skin from dangerous UV spectrum.

It is necessary to take beta carotene few weeks before sun exposure. Now is the perfect opportunity to prepare your skin for summer, and for sunny days where the skin is exposed daily!

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