The Golden Mask of India – 91% Of The People of All Races are Amazed of This Face Mask


There are hardly any cosmetic products on the market that have such high recommendations, a grade B+. Would you put this product on your face knowing it is completely natural and safe?

This is about a mask that gives the skin glow and is suitable for any kind of skin. It works best for whitening spots from pustules and removing acne that are bothering many of us. After the first use the customers have noticed more beautiful look of their tan.

The main ingredient in this mask is the healthiest ingredient in the world – turmeric.


The turmeric is used for many years in India as a beauty treatment. The traditional ritual of beautifying of the bride with turmeric is called “haldi”. It is consisted of dubbing the bride with turmeric paste before the wedding so that her skin is glowing. A long time ago, when the Romans heard of the turmeric, brought it in Rome and it soon became the most important beauty treatment for the Romans.

The studies have shown that the turmeric lowers down the production of melanin in the skin and also lowers the body hair.

The turmeric helps against spreading infections after pustules, has anti inflammatory effect, destroys the bacteria P.acne responsible for the acne, and because of its whitening effect lowers the scars and the hyper pigmentation.

The spots of pustules and the pustules themselves sometimes are very hard to get rid of and what is worse they don’t appear only in the puberty, but also after that when the skin has slower recovery. The positive side of the turmeric is that it has no side effects or aggressive ingredients that can harm the skin like dehydration or itching.

The turmeric helps against wrinkles and is suitable for dehydrated and dry skin or rosacea.

It is known that it lowers down the ageing of the skin, stimulates the dry skinby improving circulation and helps in keeping the tan.

The golden mask of India

The main ingredients are turmeric and yoghurt, but depending on the skin type you can add honey, fresh squeezed juices, oils, aloe vera or whole grain flour. If you are worried of the yellowness after putting it, don’t be, with the proper usage it will be gone.

There are 3 options depending on the skin type:

Mask for normal, combination skin or skin with hyper pigmentation:


Half teaspoon of turmeric

One teaspoon of yoghurt

Several drops of lemon juice

How to make:

Mix all the ingredients and put them on a clear skin, leave the mask for 30 minutes and wash it. You can put the mask with a spoon if you don’t want to color your hands. Don’t worry, it can be washed with water and soap.

Mask for oily and problematic skin


Half teaspoon of turmeric

Half teaspoon of dark honey (buckwheat or manuka honey)

Several drops of aloe vera gel

Teaspoon of yogurt or whey

How to make:

Mix all the ingredients and put it on clear skin, leave it for 30 minutes and wash it.

Mask for dry skin


Half teaspoon of turmeric

One teaspoon of yogurt

Half teaspoon of oil (argan, coconut, olive, cherry)

How to make:

Mix all the ingredients and put it on clear skin, leave it for 30 minutes and wash it.

If you have leftover, you can keep it in the fridge and use it the next time.

It is recommended to use this mask every three days, and if you have problematic skin or with hyper pigmentation even more often. The milk products in the mask help to clean the yellow color easier. You only need to wash you face with warm water, tonic or soap.

Emergency recipe against pustules

This recipe is the most effective for pustule when it begins to show.

Mix a little apple cider vinegar and turmeric and put it on the pustule. Leave it for an hour and wash it. It is best to do this at night, because there might be rubor.

The combination of apple cider vinegar and turmeric works anti septic and anti inflammatory, destroys the acne in its roots and lowers the inflammation over night.


Use the mask at night because it makes the skin sensible to sun.

Even though the turmeric is safe to use on the skin, try it first in less visible parts of the skin.

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