The Healing Properties of Chestnut, the Fruit of Wisdom and Knowledge!


Since ancient times,chestnut is used as a means of treating many diseases. It was believed that the chestnut is fruit of wisdom and knowledge.

Chestnut is fruit that contains 55-73% fat, usually consisting of unsaturated fats (82% oleic and linoleic 11%), also containing glycerides of fatty acids and fatty acid in the mixed glycerides, proteins also contain 12 to 18%. The hydrolysis of the protein is separated from the amino acids, which is very important.


Contains potassium on average up to five times more than another  fruit, iron and up to three times more. It is rich in magnesium, calcium and fluoride.

It contains folic acid, quantitative comparison of up to ten times more than in other fruits, vitamin E and pantothenic acid. In folk medicine, from its bark tea is prepared, it is used for covering the open wounds caused by varicose veins in the legs. Tea is also a good remedy for diarrhea in the treatment of hemorrhoids.

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