The Ideal Remedy For Blood Cleansing and Super Drink


Traditionally, the nettle syrup is used for cleaning the blood, but it is also a delicious and refreshing drink if you mix it with mineral water and a little ice. This juice is good for arthritis and rheumatism and in relation to the fact that the nettle is rich with iron it is used in the fight against anemia. People that have asthma and skin problems can also use it. It is also believed to help in respiratory and urinary problems, in hair loss. You don’t have to always mix it with water, and you can pour it over pancakes.

Here are two recipes – one is very simple and the other one is in combination with lemon and honey.


Recipe number 1 – simple nettle syrup

You will need: 1kg of nettle leafs, 2.5 l water, and a natural sweetener (try with brown sugar)

Wash the nettle leafs and put them in the water. Cook them on a mid temperature for about an hour. Filter it and add the sweetener until it melts completely (if it is honey you should not cook it). Put the syrup in a jar or glass bottle and close it hermetically.

(you can mix the nettle leafs with gooseberry leafs in relation of 1:1)

Recipe number 2 – nettle, honey and lemon

You will need: 400 g of fresh nettle leafs, juice of 6 bigger lemons, sweetener (brown sugar), 5 tablespoons of honey and 1l water.

Wash the nettle leafs and chop them. Pour the water in a pot and add the sweetener. Put in on the stove to cook (when it is cooked leave it for 5 minutes). If there is foam on the surface, take it away with a spoon.

Put the nettle leafs in a ceramic pot and pour over them the nettle syrup. Cover it with a dish and press it with a tougher glass or jar. Leave it for 10 minutes. Now add the honey and the lemon juice. Filter the juice with your hands ad separate the nettle leafs. When you get the syrup, filter it if it’s necessary and that’s it. Put the syrup in a bottle hermetically closed, and leave it in a cold and dark place.

The juice is made by mixing ¼ glass of syrup with ¾ glass of water.

The syrup can last for 6 months.


-stimulates the lymph tract and improves the immunity

-calms the arthritis symptoms

-helps in releasing the acids from the wrists

-helps in the work of adrenal glands

-improves the development of the fetus

-destroys the parasites in the intestines

-helps in the work of thyroid gland, liver and spleen

-improves the production of milk at the mothers who breastfeed

-lowers the symptoms of menopause

-lowers the menstrual cramps

-helps in releasing the kidney stones

-lowers the hypertension

-helps in bronchitis

-helps people who have asthma

-stops bleeding

-lowers the risk of prostate cancer

-eliminates the allergic rhinitis

-eliminates the sickness

-cures cold

-helps in osteoarthritis

-lowers the digestion problems, like diarrhea

-lowers gingivitis and it can be used for mouthwash

-lowers the infection processes


If you are using blood thinner medications don’t drink this tea. The nettle tea contains high quantity of vitamin K that regulates the blood clot.

If you are using medications for lowering the blood tension, consuming the nettle tea can lower it to the maximum.

If you are using antidepressants, don’t use the nettle tea because it can affect to dehydration.

A cup of nettle tea can improve the medications for diabetes and lower the sugar levels to a high point.

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