The Importance Of K2, Especially For Women!


You have already heard of vitamin K1, found in the dark leafed vegetable (spinach, kale). K1 plays an important role in the blood congestion, but I bet you haven’t heard of the importance of K2.

Simply as it is, vitamin K2 has the main role in directing the calcium where it is needed. This is a result of the mutual cooperation of K2 with the other nutrients, like vitamin A and D.

-the important role of this vitamin has been discovered in 1997


Why is K2 so important?

Because it is the key in numerous functions in the human body, especially important for women’s health. Dr Kate Rheaume – Bleue, the author of the book for this vitamin says:

“This vitamin is kind of prevention for everything, from wrinkles to cancer. Most women need the calcium supplement, but the vitamin K2 will keep the calcium level in the normal level. Everybody is talking about the vitamin D, but without the vitamin K2 we don’t have use of the other vitamins like D, in fact, we have more damage than usefulness.”

  • Healthy bones

It is commonly known that the calcium plays important role when it comes to the health of our bones, especially for their thickness.

  • Healthy teeth

The cavity, the sensitive teeth and other problems, can be lowered and stopped with vitamin K2.

  • Cardio vascular system

Blood congestion is a result from the deficiency of vitamin K2. The deposits of the calcium make congestions, so it is important to take enough vitamin K2 in order for this mineral to be directed to the blood vessels.

  • Wrinkles

When you see elderly woman with a perfect tan, you should know that she certainly doesn’t have deficiency of this vitamin. In the same time, the signs of getting old (wrinkles and loosen up skin) are connected to the health of the bones.

  • Healthy blood vessels

Varicose blood vessels is one of the cardiovascular diseases and the calcium that can be found on places it shouldn’t be, is a result of this health problem.

The source of all vitamins, of this as well, is the food. But, the ingredients that contain this vitamin aren’t used very often. That is why we should try and consume ingredients that contain K2.

-tofu (fermented soy)

-goose liver

-milk products from animals that are fed in a natural way

-cheese (especially Gauda and Bri, which have the most concentration of K2)

-home produced egg yolks

Why is the deficiency of this vitamin a regular occurrence?

Because the concentration of this vitamin is the highest in products that we rarely consume and instead of them we take industrial remakes.

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