The Morbid Truth – What do the Pregnant Women to Their Babies When They Smoke?


A study taken for pregnant women that smoke has shown frightening pictures, which, after seeing them, will make you never smoke again!

The most recent research taken by Duram and the University of Lanchester, have included 20 pregnant women that smoke, from which 4 were smoking 14 cigarettes a day.


The study has shown that the preborn babies who have mothers that smoke, move their lips more often and touch themselves more unlike the babies who have mothers that don’t smoke.

What is also disturbing to know, is that these babies develop their nervous system much later than the other babies.

”We need to expand this research to confirm these results and explore concrete effects, including the connection between the stress of the mother and smoking”-explained Dr. Nada Reisland.

She hopes to get the mothers to give up smoking.

“This is another evidence of the negative influence of smoking during pregnancy” – adds Dr. Brayan Francis.

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