The Pillow With These Plants Treats All Illnesses Related To The Spine!


Bracken is reaped in the autumn. When the leaves are dry on the stalk, we take them off and then fill a pillowcase.

Pillows packed in fern leaves are the healthiest bearings that you can wish for!

The Pillow With These Plants Treats All Illnesses Related To The Spine!

A man can rest on it well and fatigue simply disappears. Fleas, bedbugs and lice simply don’t tolerate bracken and run away from it. Such bed cures cramps, tearing in the limbs, gout and rheumatism, rheumatic headache and rheumatic toothache. The root of the bracken eliminates unpleasant pain in the calves, and so we have to keep it next to the bed sheets. The baths of leaves and roots cure gout, rheumatism, and even gangrene.

Fresh bracken in pillow treats hearing loss caused by the cold and windy conditions. Of course, the head should be well covered. Fresh leaves of bracken tied to the forehead and eyes clear the eyes and removes flickering before the eyes. Dry bracken in shoes reduces fatigue and warm feet.

Low back pain will be quickly cured with bundles of fresh fern which is ties to the affected site. The pain may be even stronger for some time, but it will soon disappear!

For lower back pain, rub the affected area with oil of slapped cheek.

This way the tissue will become more flexible and moveable, and greater chance we’ll get some exercise appropriate to normalize it. Brandy in which fern root was soaked is excellent for rubbing and massage of gout and rheumatism. To rub sick limbs and burns and scald (burn caused by hot steam ) it is good to use filtered  bracken in homemade  apple vinegar : larger bundle of leaves and roots of bracken chopped on small pieces , pour a 4 to 5 liters of homemade  apple cider vinegar. Soak for three days. Put it in jars and close it well.

Bracken is toxic and need to be taken very carefully. Bracken chases worms, and destroys even tapeworm. The patient must drink a cup of bracken on an empty stomach and remain so for another two hours. This treatment might have to continue for about eight days until all parasites are dead or thrown away. Bracken effects the uterus so a pregnant woman should not take or lie on it.

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