The Sour Cherry Leaves Treat Impotence, Hepatitis A and Melt Away The Pounds


The sour cherry as a fruit belongs to the super healthy food. This fruit is rich in vitamins A, VC, E and folic acid, magnesium, iron and fiber so that we can eat in unlimited quantities.

The Sour Cherry Leaves Treat Impotence, Hepatitis A and Melt Away The Pounds

Sour cherries are an excellent source of vitamins and minerals and a have a beneficial effect on the whole organism. The main pigment is red anthocyanin that cherries contain more than blackberries, strawberries and it is also a source of beta carotene and has 19 times more melatonin than the blueberries and strawberries-an antioxidant and is one of the most important regulators of heart rate and aging.

This fruit is an elixir for the body and plays an important role in maintaining the beauty of the skin. For speeding up the healing after surgery consumption of cherries is recommended, then, to reduce inflammation, to protect the nervous system, for the prevention of cancer, in insomnia, treatment of menopausal symptoms.

Fresh cherries assist in weight loss, and a handful of cherries after hard sports will remove the feeling of heaviness in the muscles. Sour cherries can be used fresh, frozen or dried.

The lugs provide excellent cherry tea which helps eject sand from urinary canals, cellulite, impotence, kidney diseases and chronic cough. The cherry leaf is used as a means of beauty and helps with dandruff and swollen eyelids.


Put a spoonful of crushed dried leaves in an enamel bowl and a spoonful of dried flowers of cilantro. Pour three cups of beer over them.

Put it on stove and heat to boiling, then lower down the heat and continue cooking for another 30-40 minutes. Then take it away from the stove. When it cools, strain it through the tea strainer or a double thick gauze. Drink two tablespoons of this tea three times a day after the meals. The last dose should be before bedtime. The treatment lasts 1-2 months. This tea has a beneficial effect on a diseased liver.

Tea against hepatitis A

This tea is also made of dried cherry leaves. Take 10 dry leaves and chop them finely. Put them in an enamel pot along with 300 ml of water and boil this mixture about 30 minutes.  When it cools, strain it and drink ¼ cup, three times a day.

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