The Truth About The Juices In Store And Their Packaging


We shouldn’t be surprised: mold inside the juice packaging is common. The lowest cut or smallest hole in the package is enough for the mold to appear. The air can penetrate through a small hole that can’t be seen and the juice can’t leak from. Such a small hole can cause fermentation of sugars converting the product to form alcohol.

The Truth About The Juices In Store And Their Packaging

In the juices without preservatives, mold grows even faster and easier. Although the fermented juice may not be so dangerous, it can cause gastric problems.

However, it is best to avoid juices from store as they are packed with sugar and calories, and drinking them, in fact during the digestion natural opiates are released in the body. And this is not good, because the release of opiates induces cravings for sweets and other junk food.

The more the juice is enriched with sugar, the more it releases opiates in your body, and you demand more. It is the most common reason why children refuse a meal after drinking these juices.

Fruit juice in large quantities can cause tooth decay, diarrhea and bloating. Therefore it is better to choose other healthy foods that contain vitamins and minerals which are necessary for your health without lots of sugar and calories.

The American pediatric Academy offers the following guidelines regarding children and fruit juice:

-infants up to 6 months should not consume that juice unless recommended by a pediatrician. However, small amounts of fruit juice can be recommended as a treatment for constipation.

-for children from 6 months to 6 years, the fruit juice should be limited to 120ml to 180ml. for children aged 7 to 18 years old, juice intake should be limited to 240ml to 350ml per day, or 2 cups.

-avoid buying juices that hasn’t been pasteurized

Note that these recommendations relate to the juices you buy at the store, labeled 100% fruit juice, and not for the juices that often contain additives, dyes and other harmful substances and have no nutritional benefit.

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