The World is Expanding in New Environmental Trend – a Super Healthy Green Drinks

The World is Expanding in New Environmental Trend – a Super Healthy Green Drinks

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Did you know that Green Magma protects against stress, that Espresso green reduces body weight and body shape, and Liquid Sun removes toxins and restores energy? Green drinks are becoming increasingly popular in the world, rich in vitamins and minerals, have a refreshing and an excellent supplement


 Green Magma – Best Friend in the Fight Against Stress

Green Magma is a complete natural supplement derived from dehydrated juice of young barley leaves grown under strict criteria of eco breeding. Long-term studies of Japanese physician Dr. Yoshida Hagiwara proved that the young leaves of barley best source of nutrients among 150 other green herbal products. Green Magma is rich in chlorophyll, enzymes (saved by careful machining process), vitamins and minerals. It has an antioxidant activity 500 times stronger than vitamin E.

Today a lot of people because of the stressful lifestyle exposed gastritis and excess stomach acid, and it strongly alkaline effects of Green Magma rapidly regulates increased gastric acid secretion and relieves stomach problems. Natural and effective help with allergies and allergic reactions, increases immunity and increases the energy level of the body. Precious all who are exposed to daily physical or mental effort and an excellent dietary supplement for those who eat improperly Green Magma powder or tablets can be found in health food stores, pharmacies and herbal bio & bio stores.

Lose Weight with Green Espresso

Espresso Green is a natural plant extract decaffeinated green coffee whose effectiveness is scientifically proven. The main active ingredient of the product is Svetol Espresso green, herbal extract of decaffeinated green coffee.

Svetol is rich in active ingredients and has been proven to have a positive effect on reducing body weight, proportion of body and fat in the body. Svetol coffee does not contain ingredients that may have adverse effect (caffeine, cafestol, kahveol), while providing all the beneficial properties of coffee. The main active ingredient is chlorogenic acid, which is thought to limit the release of glucose into the circulation. This increases the burning of fat as an energy source and there is a consequent loss of body fat.

Espresso green reduces weight, increases the proportion of muscle tissue, reduces body mass index, and body shapes. You’ll find it in pharmacies and specialized stores.


Liquid Sun – Young Wheat Extract for Health

Liquid Sun, young wheat extract was obtained from 100 percent raw young wheat rich mineral composition, exclusively organic methods, without the use of pesticides, herbicides and fertilizers. The leaves of young wheat is a rich source of 16 vitamins, 90 organic minerals, 18 amino acids, several hundred enzymes, which can not be found in any other food, chlorophyll and other important nutritional support strong synergistic action. Due to its alkalinity and high content of nutrients and chlorophyll, it is a high quality, effective and easy food for absorption.

Young wheat active body purifier that works detoxifying the lymphatic system, blood, liver and gastrointestinal tract; effectively neutralizes and removes toxins from the body’s organs. It encourages, detoxifies and regenerates the body’s cells.

Beneficial effect for preventive purposes, and particularly recommended: at irregular and monotonous diet, with a weakened immune system, as an antioxidant, persons exposed to stress, athletes, pregnant women and nursing mothers, diabetics, convalescent, help remove toxins from the liver, pancreas, lymph and circulation, with various metabolic disorders, anemia, allergies, in some forms of dermatitis, eczema, hives and people with elevated blood fat. Micronutrients of young green wheat is easily absorbed because they are from 100% natural sources, and therefore have a more powerful, synergistic effect. Powder Stir in 150 ml of cold water or juice and enjoy a refreshing drink .

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