The Zone Where The Acne Appear Reveals Their Cause


The regular pimples on the face are not unusual, even in the adulthood, and the most common cause for their appearance is the stress and grime on the face, or clogging of the pores. But painful pimples or acne that persistently occur in a specific part of the face can point to certain disorders of organ systems. Mapping entities by zones is an ancient Chinese practice whose accuracy is confirmed by numerous modern studies.


On the forehead

Pimples that appear on the forehead can be caused by increased fattening of the skin and problems with the digestive system and bladder. The forehead mirrors disorders in the retention of waste products in the body, and the condition can be remedied by drinking more water and tea intake, and more fruits, vegetables and fiber in the diet.

Between the eyebrows

If pimples persistently occur in this area, then they can be an indication of a certain allergic reaction or intolerance to a certain type of food, such as dairy products or gluten. They can also indicate problems with the liver and to reduce this problem and to encourage the liver to work, a high intake of vitamin B and protein is recommended.

On the nose

The appearance of pimples on the nose may be a sign of problems with the pancreas, as well as an indicator of problems with fluctuating blood pressure. But in this case it is not about the occasional pimple, but their frequent occurrence with the emergence of enlarged pores. Reduction of salt intake would help, through diet and enhanced intake of fish and healthy fats.

On the upper side of the face

Pimples in this zone can indicate problems with respiratory organs – from the bronchi to the lungs. Therefore, in this part the acne mostly appear at people who smoke, those who have chronic bronchitis, asthma or chronic obstructive pulmonary disorder.

In the middle of the cheeks

If the pimples appear in the level of the mouth on the cheeks, then they can be a sign of poor oral hygiene, or decay and gum disease. The solution is to repair such inflammation and treatment of teeth.

On the jaw

Pimples that occur in this area are usually a reflection of hormonal imbalance – whether it is a disorder of the thyroid, or polycystic ovary. The solution is to bring the cycle and hormones in order – any hormonal tablet, any weight loss or herbal products, such as lemon tea or lemon balm and so on..

On the ears

Pimples that occur in or on the ear, and most frequently on the side of the hair, typically caused by dirt and fat coming from the hair. However, it can be a symptom of dehydration and poor renal or adrenal glands. The problem can be reduced with drinking large quantities of water and unsweetened teas, and avoid coffee and alcohol.

On the neck

The appearance of painful blisters on the neck is often associated with certain autoimmune diseases such as thyroid disease, dermatitis…. Also, experts observed and bond stress with the appearance of pimples on that part of the body.

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