There Is a Permanent Solution For The Biggest Barrier For Women – Body Hair


They say that this depilation is used by Putin also. You can permanently remove body hair free of charge. This is an old Russian recipe that helped many to remove the unwanted hair. When you start using it, you will have less hair, it will become thinner and in time it will be totally removed.


Some women have stronger and thicker hair on their face, which is why this depilation is the ideal solution for them, because by trimming they only grow stronger. You need to let the hair grow for the depilation, even though it is difficult to do it on this area.

Ingredients  – you need only several skins from walnuts (walnuts that are ripe and ready to harvest and eat) and water.


The skin from the walnuts needs to be totally dry. Put them on fire and let them burn. Add a little water to the ash, as much as you need to make a paste. Leave it for 12 hours.


Put the mixture on the part of the body where you need to remove the hair. Leave it to stay for half an hour if you have time. Repeat the treatment three times a day, until you get the wanted results, and then continue once a day, until the hair is totally gone and stops to grow.

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