There’s a Killer in Your Mouth- The Black Fillings in Your Teeth! Here’s why!

There’s a Killer in Your Mouth- The Black Fillings in Your Teeth! Here’s why!

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The mercury inlays contain 50% of mercury, which is more poisonous than the sinker and arsenic and can be deposited in more organs and develop more health problems – the main question is what happens to the mercury and her compounds in the organism in a longer or continuous period.


The bad sides of the black fillings

The harmful effect of the mercury affects almost the entire organism. It causes disorder of the heart function, there may be neurological disorders (migraine, depression, muscle cramps, insomnia), anemia, tiredness, genetic illnesses. Mercury is discovered in the red blood cells of a child whose mother had black inlays. So, the mercury can run through the placenta, so the impact of the mercury is especially harmful for the pregnant women.

It’s an interesting fact that, the multiplex sclerosis occurred the same time when the mercury inlays occurred. Very often there may occur hair loss also. The signs of poisoning are shown later, after a couple of years after applying the inlays. The symptoms are hidden and wicked, and this is one of the reasons why it is so hard to discover it. These inlays, among the other things, have bad influence on the eyes, kidneys and wrists.


What do the mercury inlays contain?

The mercury is highly poisonous, even more poisonous than the sinker and the arsenic. The mercury inlays contain 50% mercury. According to the claims of the supporters of these inlays, this mercury is bound and cannot be released. But, many researches have shown that soon after applying the inlays, mercury can be shown in the blood of the human.

The black inlay contains metals such as silver, copper, aluminum, zinc and mercury, components that together form a fusion. The mercury vapor from the black inlays is constantly released during 24 hours. Even from the plain munching, the mercury from the inlays on the teeth is released even six more times in the mouth. It is a high and dangerous concentration, and for no misunderstanding to occur, the mercury vapor contains mercury.

90% of these vapors are well absorbed in the lungs. In e period of 10 minutes, this mercury from the lungs ends up in the blood and in the distant organs. Through circulation, it is deposited in the brain, which is very dangerous. It will stay there for years. Besides that, the five metals in the black inlay come within interaction and produce 16 different corrosive compounds. They all go to different locations.

The pregnant women are especially in danger. The mercury from the black inlay in the pregnant woman will soon be transported to the fetus. Practically, three days after applying the inlay the mercury is shown in the blood of the fetus and the amino liquid. After 15 days, the poison is everywhere in the placenta, liver and kidneys….even in the brain. The concentration of the mercury depends on the number of the black inlays in the mother. Many newborns are poisoned from their mothers.

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