They Have no Idea That Cancer Exists! They live 100 years! Here’s Why This Tribe is Immune to Cancer!


Vitamin B17, also called laetrile, is one of the numerous medicines that treat cancer, but medicine keeps ignoring them. And it’s not the only one, there are plenty of herbs in the nature that are healing. But even the medical complements that this vitamin contains are forbidden.


It is well known that the “modern” man is more exposed to cancer than the primitive cultures, and the Hunza tribe is a real evidence of this case. This ancient tribe living in north Pakistan, whose members live more than 100 years old, know nothing about cancer.

The secret of this people is Vitamin B17. These people take 250 to 3000 milligrams of the vitamin per day. The fortune people have in this tribe is measured by the number of apricot trees that they have. Those who have more apricot trees are believed to be of more wealth because the dry apricot kernel is a special food that contains vitamin B17.

The defenders of the “cancer industry” are the biggest opponents to this natural cure for the illness. Ernest T. Krebs (1912-1996) is one of the few doctors that used this vitamin in treating their patients. He has made thorough researches for the impact of the vitamin on the patients that suffer from cancer and had gathered enough evidences for the promotion of this cure for cancer.

Dr Krebs was proclaimed a fraud by the “eminent medical experts”, that had also proclaimed laetrile for the most sophisticated and most despicable fraud in the history of medicine. Vitamin B17 is found only in the apricot kernel and in the millet also. Besides that, full of laetrile are the berries – red raspberries and black brambles.

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  1. This article should be read by the whole world. In North America BASF has a chemical that they spray on Apricot that destroys the Vitamin B17 (LAETRILE).
    It is widely know to the “scientific’ community what the benefits of this Nutrient is.

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