This Herb Kills 86% of the Lung Cancer Cells


Lung cancer is one of the most common cause for death.

From this disease die more people than colon cancer, breast cancer and pancreas, together.

75 to 80% of the cases of lung cancer derived from cancer known as non-small lung cancer.


A study shows that parsley can be used as a cure for this terrible disease, thanks to its substance apigenin, which has the ability to kill cancer cells up to 86%.

Besides parsley, there are a few groceries that can boast with apigenin, such as: celery, onion, orange, oregano, coriander, chamomile tea, red wine and artichok.

However, the apigenin contained in parsley is most concentrated and therefore most recommended in the fight against cancer.

Parsley tea is prepared as follows:

15 g root of parsley is finely dice, and Pour 200 ml boiling water.

Allow to boil for another 5 minutes. Leave a covered to stand for 15 minutes, and strain it.

To benefit all healing powers is need to drink three cups a day.

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