This Is Caraway- An Extraordinary Herb That Cures Everything, Except Death!

This Is Caraway- An Extraordinary Herb That Cures Everything, Except Death!

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Even though there are other kinds of plants that have black seed, the efficacy of their seed is not even close to that of the black caraway, as reported from past scientific discoveries.

Black Caraway or Nigella Sativa belongs to the family Ranunculaceae. It is an annual flowery plant descending from the Mediterranean area or West Asia. The tree’s height is 40 cm, simple or branchy, much furry, while the leaves are often spread and plumaged, and the flower is soft in white or pale blue color.

It is grown in the east and warm countries, especially Egypt, Syria and India. There are inscriptions from Egyptian medicine, where you can see that it was widely used. Egyptian pharaohs used it as a spice in food and as a cure for many diseases, inflammations, allergies, metabolic disorders, urine system blockage and depression. There is an interesting fact that a bottle of caraway oil is found in the tomb of Tutankhamun.

It is said by the Eastern people that caraway can cure everything, except for death! There is a reference in the Bible that it is used as an ingredient in the bread that prevents flatulence, cures lung diseases, stomach aches and hepatitis A.

Nowadays black caraway is reinvented in the modern medicine and in the last 40 years there are more than 400 informational studies for the caraway and it’s active substances.


Healing properties

Caraway reinforces gastric function, boosts digestion and hormone production, urine purification. It has a positive effect on lung and skin diseases, and difficulties with asthma. It calms down bronchitis, allergic asthma, coughing, strengthens the immunity and increases the production of antibodies. It can prevent cancer, because of the fact that it boosts up the production of defensive cells, protects the healthy cells and kills the tumor cells.

When it comes to women, it calms the uterus cramps, stimulates menstruation, eases the pre birth and birth pain, and enables production of more milk while breastfeeding.

So now we ask ourselves? How is it possible that it affects allergies, slimming, blood system and tumor in the same time? The answer lies in the chemical composition of its seed that contain over 100 biologically active ingredients that help and compensate each other in the act of healing.

Improves our immunity 

Researches show that most of the diseases evolve because of the imbalance in our immune system, and the components in the black caraway, like nygellon and thymoquinone, help defeat illnesses by increasing the number of immunity cells in our organism.

The shaky immunity can be recognized with the following symptoms – constant infections and inflammations, weakness, exhaustion and fatique, weight loss, migraines etc. If you have these symptoms, take one tablespoon of the caraway oil twice a day, 15 to 30 minutes before the meals.

Great researches of the black caraway and its properties have been made for the fight with cancer, and it has been discovered that unlike chemo-therapy, black caraway can be used as a treatment without negative effects in tumors and breast cancer.

Reasearchers from Philadephia discovered that one of the caraway components stops the growth of the tumor cells and destroys them by apoptosis (the programmed death terminal).

Black caraway also protects from radiation in the radiation therapies. It is used for cancer illnesses treatment and stops the unwanted effects from chemo-therapy. It also helps in the improvement of the immune system.

How to use:

One tablespoon of the caraway oil two or three times a day, it is best taken 15 to 30 minutes before the meal. It will ease the chemo- therapy influence, strengthen the body and increase the self – defence capacity.

It is very important to know that the results are shown after 4 – 12 weeks of regularly consummation.

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