This Is Courage: A Woman Was Eating Bananas ONLY For 12 Days


Yulia Tarbath, a nutritionist and motivational trainee, decided to eat bananas only for 12 days so that she totally cleans her organism. The bananas are a quality and caloric fruit that contains fructose, sucrose, glucose and fibers, and this is a combination to keep you full for longer time. But, is it all that ideal?

12-days-eating-only bananas

The first thing she noticed is a great relief in her stomach “the intestines were working incredibly silent and I was very relaxed, didn’t feel any stress which was really relaxing. I was very positiveand more creative” –said Yulia.

According to her words, she noticed that she is a lot more concentrated and more focused. “For the first time in my life one day was enough to finish all the engagements. I wasn’t tense and I could focus on any task”

Her husband Paul joined her in the diet, and since they are both vegetarians, this diet was very easy. Before the change in the regime of food, Yulia was suffering from increased sugar in her blood, digestive problems, candida, depression and hormonal dysfunction. She couldn’t even get pregnant. After she did these radical changes, as she says herself, her health is much better and she gave birth.

But, the solution is not that we all turn to bananas, at least the doctors say so. Even though the fruits and vegetables have less salt, are rich in fibers, on the other hand, some ingredients can be counterproductive.

Cauliflower, broccoli and cabbage have bad effect on the thyroid gland, and other fruits and vegetables lower the levels of vitamin B12, iron, zinc and calcium, which leads to anemia, so in that way the way of feeding is recommended to older people, pregnant women and children.

Anyway, before you decide for radical changes for food, get a good information at your doctor or nutritionist and re-control your health.

Admit it – you’re going to buy bananas…

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