This Is Why It Is Important To Eat Orange, Or Drink The Orange Juice Every Day


The orange crust contains more vitamin C than the orange juice.

The orange, when it is not fully mature, contains 65 mg of vitamin C, and when it is matured it contains 35 mg of the vitamin. That is why when you buy oranges, choose the harder fruits.


The orange crust contains twice time more vitamin C than the juice of the orange (in 100g of crust there is 170mg of vitamin C). If you want to keep the crust, it should be well washed. Grind only the colored part of the crust and put it I some jar. Pour alcohol by choice in it, vodka for example. Stored like this, the crust has unlimited time of usage and can serve you for preparation of many different creams, doughs or teas.

The orange juice is an important antioxidant, a source of vitamin C and an essential help for tying the calcium in the organism. Every fourth woman in the world suffers from osteopenia, the first phase of the osteoporosis. So, instead of drinking sodas, which contain phosphoric acid, drink freshly squeezed orange juices.

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