This Powerful Mother Survived 29 Heart Attacks In 24 Hours, And Is Now Engaged In Fitness!

This Powerful Mother Survived 29 Heart Attacks In 24 Hours, And Is Now Engaged In Fitness!

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Lucy Kesidi (34) is a medical miracle, because her body has managed to survive 29 heart attacks in just 24 hours. This mother of three children from London was so busy that she had no time to eat, drink, nor to deal with the pain that she felt in her chest. After her heart stopped almost 30 times in one day, she changed lives and is now engaged in fitness.

That fateful day Lucy was noted to have some symptoms, such as pain in the chest, but did not give any great attention. It is within 24 hours 29 times heart stopped, and doctors each time to re-run it defibrillator.

– I am very happy that I live in general, people can not believe when I tell them what happened to me. I gave birth to three sons, one after another, and I worried only about being a good mother. I was worried about everyone, and I forgot to take care of themselves. I scampered to the children and I arrived to eat or drink – recalls Lucy.

She says she eventually began to fell stomach trouble, and I was feeling some pain in his chest but he thought it was all because of breastfeeding.


– I woke up in the middle of the night abnormally thirsty, and more I do not remember anything. I was awakened by the cries of my children and I fell to the floor of the room. I experienced the experience out of my body and I witnessed my my partner Gerrard gives artificial respiration and begs me to come back. And I’m back – recalls mom.

When the ambulance arrived, she was in such bad shape that they had to give her artificial respiration all the way in to the hospital. The hospital is connected to various ferrule, she says, and then within 24 hours her heart stopped 29 times.

– My heart stood and every time I come to, I was sure I was dying. I looked at my feet and I saw they were completely blue. I cried because I thought I would never see the children. Every time I was revived defibrillator, so now I have a burn on that spot on the chest – says Lucy.

Fortunately, doctors were able to regain it and put it home three weeks after that terrible day. Diagnosed her rare syndrome, which results in a arrhythmias. Embedded her implant a defibrillator, which stabilizes its heartbeat.

Since this happened, Lucy was completely changed lifestyle. This strong woman turned to fitness, and now goes to the competition.

– Heart attacks were the worst and best experience I ever had. I was so scared, but now I survived, and I have a new perspective on life. I almost lost everything, but now I’m much braver and I decided to fight and to enjoy life.

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