This Spice Will Help You To Get Rid of Excess Pounds

This Spice Will Help You To Get Rid of Excess Pounds

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This is really wonderful and very healing spice. It is a real boon for the organism, because not only  encourages  the strengthenin of  immune  system, it’s also help with weight loss, and it is very effective.

One group of women received the less than one teaspoon of cumin which is consumed every day with 150 milliliters of yogurt.


After three months,the  group that had consumed cumin had an average of 2 pounds less than the other group did not use this spice.

Also, women who regularly consumed cumin, had lower cholesterol and generally better blood picture.

Women’s that participated in the study and are from Iran  where cumin is used daily, already accustomed to the stronger spices, did not mind that this quantity  cumin eat only with a half  cup of yogurt.

– Add a quarter teaspoon of the cooked food, such as green beans,stew or cooked peppers.

– Make a mixture of spices which  you will keep  in a large  jar and use as needed (mix of cayenne pepper, garlic powder, cumin, dried celery, pepper, salt, chilli red pappers and a little turmeric).

– Whenever you make homemade mayonnaise, mustard or hummus, always add 1/8 teaspoon cumin.

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