This Will Be Useful: Identify All Forms of Headaches!


Do you suffer from headaches every day? See what kind of a headache you have and you will know when you need medical help.


In most of the cases the headaches are caused by sins problems, tension and stress. Fortunately, not a health hazard, but you should certainly learn to recognize the dangerous types of headaches. That way you will know when you need medical help.

Crack headache

Unfortunately, these headaches are frequent and severe. They are developed in a minute and can cause bleeding in the brain after a stroke, head injury or aneurism.

Headache after injury

You need medical help if you suffer from head injuries accompanied by headaches. Furthermore, headaches can often be indicators of concussion. Therefore, it is best to contact your doctor. It should be noted that the simple, small head injuries can lead to brain hemorrhage, often resulting in pressure on the skull.

When walking your headache is getting worse

This is a dangerous kind of headache. In fact if you go to bed with a headache, and when you wake up it is worse and causes vomiting, it is time to visit your doctor. If the headache increases when walk or exercise, and no medicine helps, it is a serious problem. In addition, these headaches can be symptom of brain tumor.

The worst headache of my life

This type of headache includes pain in the head and upper neck. If you have this type of headache, it causes stiffness, intolerance to light, vomiting and confusion. Also, it might indicate hemorrhage caused by rupture of an aneurism in the brain – immediately contact your doctor.

Sudden headache

Severe pain, weakness of arms, numbness in one side of the body, loss of balance, inability to speak or walk causes a sudden headache. Besides that, these headaches can indicate a heart attack.

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