Three Reasons Why Your Belly Is Getting Fat


Even though the biggest reason for overweight is the bad food and physical inactivity, there are less known factors for belly fat.

It is the same with men and women, the stomach is the most critical part of the body where the first signs of fattening are showed.


  1. Genetics

While at some women the excessive fat is showed on their hips and backside, at some women the unwanted fat are in their stomach. The reason for that is the genetics. We inherit our body structure from our parents, and with that, the affinity to gain weight.

  1. Not enough sleep

Sleep is very important for the normal body function. Not enough sleep causes enhanced secretion of ghrelin – the hormone that stimulates hunger.

The chronically sleepless organism sends the brain signals that increase the need for food and the body starts to collects reserves in the form of fat deposits.

  1. Medications

Some medications can cause fattening. It is mostly medications used to treat diabetes, migraine, high blood pressure, depression as well as steroids and hormonal tablets for contraception. If you have been taking some of these medications and noticed that you gained weight in a short period of time, consult your doctor.

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