Tips that Will Lead you to Victory, against Cellulite!

Tips that Will Lead you to Victory, against Cellulite!

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Summer is approaching and easier clothing all want to have a perfect line and a critical eye to look in the mirror. Let’s not waste time and take immediate something. First of all, let’s be realistic and persistent, no results overnight.

One thing is certain: the buttocks have always been the most critical area of the female body, and cellulite can call the greatest enemy against which the women have to fight. Exercise and beauty treatments can do much to alleviate this deficiency, but everything will be much more effective if they are accompanied by an appropriate diet.

Lose weight at the right places

Always have in mind that cellulite is not fat, but a buildup of fibrous subcutaneous tissue being formed from residual liquids and toxic substances.

That is why the simple and conventional diets can reduce cellulite pads than them, moreover, in some cases, can make it even more visible. In order to achieve the desired results, the diet must be antitoxic, or designed on the basis of the foods that help the body to get rid of excess fluids and toxins accumulated.

Foods that are recommended

Vegetable stews,  select the type of your choice. All vegetables is good (except potatoes, for example), but give priority asparagus, onions and beets that have strong diuretic properties and purify the body.

Meat: the ideal chicken, turkey and rabbit because it contains less fat.
Fish: Choose lean species such as trout, flounder, cod, …
Dairy products: drink only skim milk, nonfat sour cream and yogurt.
Fruit: according to the season, fresh or cooked, regardless of the type. However eat less bananas and avocados they are rich with


What to Avoid

Reduce the amount of carbohydrates. Eat these foods up to three times a week, and when you eat, eat brown rice and pasta and whole-grain bread. Prohibited alcoholic beverages, meat products and meat fried in oil because the liver lead to enhanced work in the body accumulate toxins.
Not recommended “fast food” because it is oversalted and preservatives that prevent the normal secretion of fluid from the body.

9 Tips that Will lead you to Victory

1.Meat, fish and vegetables to prepare grilled or steamed (this way especially recommended because it does not destroy valuable ingredients).

2.Salt should be avoided. Improve flavor spices, fresh or dried.

3.Drink at least 2 liters of mineral water per day, if desired, you can add lemon juice. It is a very effective way of purifying the body.

4.Are recommended 2-3 cups of tea a day, preferably unsweetened, but if you must choose select honey.

5.Take care of digestion, so every day, eat 2-3 tablespoons of bran.

6.Start the day with a light breakfast (tea or coffee with skim milk, fruit juice, a slice of whole wheat bread with a little honey or a cup of whole grain), you will quickly feel in shape.

7.Do you like fresh pineapple, let him be your dessert. This delicious exotic fruit contains bromeline, ferment to neutralize fat in the stomach.

8.Besides pineapple avoid other fruits immediately after meals, especially if you suffer from poor digestion: fruit just can aggravate the condition causing inflation. Eat them for breakfast or between meals.

9.Between meals you feel hungry? Resist the temptation and do not eat snacks or sweets, but eat some fresh celery, carrot or apple. They are low in calories, but high in fiber and you will quickly feel full.

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